Build a Salad!

September 12, 2016


Follow these simple steps to create your own salad recipe:

1. Start with some greens
a. Romaine Lettuce
b. Spinach
c. Kale
d. Spring Mix
e. Green or Red Leaf Lettuce
f. Arugula
g. Etc.

2. Add some vegetables (chopped, sliced, shredded or whole)
a. Carrots
b. Cucumbers
c. Tomatoes
d. Cabbage
e. Broccoli
f. Cauliflower
g. Bell Pepper (All colors)
h. Peas
i. Beets
j. Corn
k. Radishes
l. Sprouts
m. Etc.

3. Add some Fruit
a. Grapes
b. Cranberries
c. Raisins
d. Mandarin Oranges
e. Apple
f. Strawberries
g. Melon
h. Etc.

4. Add some Beans
a. Black
b. Kidney
c. Garbanzo
d. Edamame
e. Etc.

5. Sprinkle on some cheese
a. Feta
b. Cottage
c. Blue
d. Mozzarella
e. Cheddar
f. Parmesan
g. Etc.

6. Sprinkle on some nuts
a. Cashews
b. Almonds
c. Peanuts
d. Walnuts
e. Etc.

7. Add some extras
a. Avocado
b. Olives
c. Pumpkin Seeds
d. Sunflower Seeds
e. Etc.

Or, for a main dish salad try:

1. Tuna
2. Chicken
3. Egg
4. Shrimp
5. Tofu
6. Salmon
7. Quinoa
8. Pasta
9. Etc.

Experiment with different recipes until you find one that you enjoy!

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