Isolation and Quarantine

January 13, 2022 0
Here is a summary of the current order from our Public Health Officer. The new definition of “fully vaccinated” now includes getting a booster if it has been 5 months since your second vaccine. You are also considered fully vaccinated if you have not had a booster if it has been less than 5 months since your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or less than 2 months since the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The following isolation and quarantine orders are not affected by being fully or partially vaccinated.
If you get COVID, you are isolating. Anyone who is a “close contact” will evaluate their need for quarantine. See below for more information.
1. The isolation period is 10 days. Day 0 is the day of your positive test. For example, if you test positive on 1/10/2022, your Day 1 is 1/11/2022.
2. To be released early, you can test on Days 1 through 9. If you test negative on any of those days, you can leave isolation.
     a. You MUST also have no fever for 24 hours without medication.
     b. Your symptoms MUST be resolving (getting better), they do not have to be fully resolved.
3. If you test positive at Day 5, you can test every day or every other day, your choice. When you test negative, you can leave isolation and return to work or you can return to work after 10 days in isolation. For example, if your Day 10 is a Saturday or Sunday, you do not have to test to go back to work on Monday.
If you are exposed and are not fully vaccinated and not positive, you are quarantining. If a quarantined person becomes sick with fever, cough, or shortness of breath (even if the symptoms are mild), the person should now consider themselves an active case and must go into isolation.
1. If you are fully boosted, exposed and test negative you may go to work. Repeat the test if you develop symptoms and test again in 5-7 days after your exposure.
2. If you are not fully boosted, you must quarantine for 10 days or
3. Quarantine for 5+ days and may return to work once you have a negative test.

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