Time to Spring Forward!

March 12, 2021 0

Most of us are looking forward to spring after the long, dark winter months. But we’re not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep when the clocks spring forward on ??????, ????? ??. Here are some ideas to help make the time change a little less painful.

  • Try to wake up the same time each morning, even on the weekends. This will help to keep your sleep cycle more regular. Getting out of bed at the same time every morning will help you feel more rested throughout the year. On the first Sunday of daylight saving time, get up at your regular time and avoid taking a nap if it’s not part of your typical routine.
  • If your schedule allows, ease into the time change by turning your clocks forward on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. Allowing two days, rather than a single day before the start of the work or school week can make the transition a little easier. This can be especially helpful for small children, who often feel the effects of the time change more than adults.
  • On the bright side, there will be more sunlight in the evenings. Enjoy the natural light! Sunlight helps to reset your body clock naturally and can help you feel more alert when you wake up.

Happy Spring!

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