Get Your Vaccine Today! ¡Reciba su vacuna hoy!

June 5, 2021 0

Today’s the day!

Come and see us at Harvest Market in the Boatyard Center in Fort Bragg to get your COVID-19 vaccine! We will be vaccinating anyone aged 12 and up. We have Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson for those of you who prefer “one and done”.

Everyone who gets the vaccine will receive a free lottery scratcher. And speaking of lotteries….any Californian who gets vaccinated has a chance at winning $50,000 or a grand prize of $1.5 million! You will also be eligible for a $50 gift card after receiving your second vaccine:

So what are you waiting for? Stop by Harvest Market and get the vaccine of your choice. Here’s to a safe and happy summer! #shotofhope

Hoy es el día!

Ven a vernos en Harvest Market en Fort Bragg para su vacuna contra el COVID-19. Estaremos vacunando a todos de 12 años y mayores. Tenemos Moderna, Pfizer, y Johnson & Johnson para los que quieren una y ya!

Todos los que se vacunen reciben una tarjeta de rascar de lotería. Y acuérdense que todos los que se vacunen tienen la oportunidad de ganar $50,000 o el premio mayor de $1.5 millones. También reciben una tarjeta valorando $50 después de su segunda vacuna.

Entonces que espera? Lleguen a Harvest hoy para vacunarse. Les deseamos una feliz y seguro verano disfrutando de buena salud!


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