Why Diets Don’t Work

September 26, 2016

Most fad diets will not do much for your health and in fact, may even harm your health.

One of the reasons that these diets attract people is that they are a fast way to lose some unwanted pounds. Even the worst diets lead to weight loss, at least at the beginning, mainly because they restrict calories. Not because they are a long term solution to weight issues.
Fad diets not only fail to produce long term weight loss, but they can also lead to feelings of deprivation, discouragement, and weight gain. Many people who go on an unrealistic diet that has restrictions become frustrated and give up. This can lead to feelings of failure, which can then make the person feel worse than they did before they started the diet. It can be a never-ending cycle that people get trapped in and causes them to lead unhealthy lifestyles.

When it comes to diet plans, there is no one right solution for everyone. The key is to find something that fits your lifestyle that you can realistically commit to for the long term.

A successful eating plan should focus on balance and variety. There should be no foods that you cannot have. Instead, there should be foods that you should be mindful of and eat only on occasion and in moderation.

Don’t worry about “being on a diet”. Instead, think about healthier ways to satisfy your hunger by eating more vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

A simple tip:

Think of what your weakness is (snacking, eating out of bags/boxes, large portions, too much alcohol/sugary drinks, too many sweets, etc.) and work on that weakness. If you feel that you eat large portions, be mindful when you serve yourself and portion out your meals. If you have a snacking problem, just make sure to provide healthy snacks for yourself, such as fruit or veggies, rather than cookies or chocolate. Or if you do have chocolate, just have one small piece of chocolate or half of a chocolate bar rather than the whole bar, and save the other half for later.

Choose one small thing to change to begin with, and once it becomes a habit, move on to the next change until you establish healthy habits that you can sustain long term.

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